Vision for BBB

Years ago, God placed in our hearts a goal to make believers that love and live like Jesus did. The Believe, Belong, Build (BBB) campaign is an opportunity for our church family to come together to impact Steinbach and surrounding area. Our goal is to expand our existing location in order to serve, bless, and help more people in our city to know and become like Jesus.

Through the BBB campaign, we will be able to open up even more space for people to worship and hear God’s Word, provide space for our ministries to take care of the needy, give our children quality classroom space to flourish in their faith and room to deepen relationships.

People right here in our city need Jesus. Every person is a reason to do what we do as the church. And that’s what this campaign is all about.

Partner with us today!

One Year Anniversary

We took a weekend at Emmanuel to commemorate the abundant blessing our Hub space and building expansion has opened for our ministry.

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