Develop your worldview, deepen your walk with God, join with other followers. Adult Education offers courses in Bible Study, Theology, Christian living and marriage & family. Classes are offered Sunday morning from September to May.

Bad Blood | September 9-23, 9:30 am | Room 302

Have you ever had a great relationship go bad or had a bad relationship that became even worse? This study isn’t just for people in epically bad relationships; it’s also for anyone who has a relationship that is difficult. It’s about pursuing peace in difficult relationships.
Are there ways we can have peace about those relationships even if we don’t have peace in those relationships? This video-assisted course draws from the teaching of Clay Scroggins, lead pastor of North Point Community Church.

The Heart & Mind of a Disciple-Maker | September 23-30, 9:30 am | Room 302

Following Jesus in everyday life can be a mix of uncertainty, even hassle, and true adventure! Together, we will motivate each other, unpack Paul’s practice of disciple-making, and explore 1 Thessalonians. Let’s discuss the complementary relationships of a master disciple maker, apprentice disciple maker, and the new disciple. Additionally, we’ll discuss Emmanuel’s Discipleship Pathway and, while using it as a guide, how we can grow daily in becoming disciples ourselves.

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