Develop your worldview, deepen your walk with God, join with other followers. Adult Education offers courses in Bible Study, Theology, Christian living and marriage & family. Classes are offered Sunday morning from September to May.

The Miracles and Life of Jesus | January 7 – March 25 | Room 302

Jesus’ miracle were more than grandstanding gestures or attention-getters. These gripping demonstrations of divine power were undeniable evidence that a new, re-defined kingdom of God was breaking into our world. What do these miracles tell us about Jesus’ invitation to us ,in our era of history. This two-part series will delve into how we can partner with Jesus in advancing His kingdom.

When the Game is Over | January 7 – February 18 | Room 304

We are constantly juggling priorities, but we sometimes forget which ones truly matter. Today is the day you choose which prize you want to win and which priorities you want to set. It’s a thrill to win a promotion at work, get the house or car you always wanted, but just like the game’s cards, tokens, and timer those all go back in the box when the game is over. We’re playing a game of life and the time is bound to run out, so it is a good thing to like a life that delights your Creator. Do we strive for rewards that are temporary or eternal?

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