The mission of the Communications Department is to provide clear, simple communication that not only engages, but inspires our church family to live out the vision and mission that God has called us to.

Communications Philosophy & Requirements

The role of the Communications Department is to assist ministry leaders in the development and strategic planning of promotions that take place in our church. Departments can determine what their promotion needs are, what communication vehicle best suits their promotion (within pre-established communication vehicles and timelines), and assemble their promotion or choose to submit their ideas to be handled by the Communications Department.

The Communications Department will ensure in all cases that guidelines, best practices, and overall character, quality and church mission are reflected. Informally we refer to this process as making it us.


When developing a promotion, it is best to think about it in two phases.

Phase 1: Department Partnerships
Work towards making intentional partnerships within the existing ministries of Emmanuel. Reach out to other programs and their leadership teams with the goal of cross promotion. Build relationships that will mutually benefit the promotion of your event or ministry in the long-term.

Phase 2: Church-Wide Promotion
Start by submitting a Promotions Request Form, giving adequate time to run your promotion.

Preparing a Promotion

Before making a request, ask these questions:

– Have you allowed adequate time for the communications process to be accomplished?
– Have you booked your room & tech needs with the Admin Centre at or 204-326-9865?
– Have you received approval from your ministry Pastor or Director?

A church-wide promotion begins with filling out and submitting a completed Promotion Request Form to the Communication Department five weeks prior to the start date of your ministry event. Ensure that you have the required information and that it is included on your form. The Communications Department will contact you if any Promotion Request is not complete, properly filled out or approved by a ministry Pastor or Director. When completed return to the Admin Centre during the week or email it to

Ensure that you have given the appropriate time requirements needed to suitably create and run your promotion.


We require all church-wide promotions to be completed and submitted five weeks prior to the start of your event or ministry.

Here’s Why

Running your promotion three Sundays leading up to the start of your event will provide maximum results for a congregation our size. It takes at minimum two additional weeks for the processing and creation. In total, five weeks is necessary to run your promotion adequately.

Complete your Promotion Request online


Promotion Request

For questions or any communication needs contact

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